Capital Improvement & Street Projects

Capital improvement and seasonal street improvement projects are managed by the Engineering Division. Projects include building new streets, widening or restoring existing streets, and constructing new public buildings and facilities.

Current Street Projects

Past Street Projects

Planned Transportation Projects

Transportation improvements scheduled in the city over the next six years are listed in the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The TIP is adopted annually by City Council in June and identifies projects that are currently funded (with federal, state, and/or local grants) and moving forward, as well as planned projects for which city staff are seeking funding.

Reconnecting Communities Grant Program 

The city is partnering with Spokane Transit Authority and the City of Spokane to submit a regional grant application to provide multimodal improvements between Spokane's Liberty Park and Spokane Valley's Edgecliff Park. Learn more about the city's Neighborhood Access & Equity Grant request.

Current Large Projects