Commercial Pre-Application Meetings

Commercial pre-application meetings are intended to provide preliminary feedback to applicants regarding their commercial development plans. The meetings provide an opportunity for the applicant to ask questions of city staff from planning, building, development engineering and the Fire District. At the conclusion of the meeting, the applicant will have written materials that will assist them in the preparation of a formal application.

Commercial pre-application meetings are held for all new commercial construction. Meetings are held on Tuesdays. Meetings are scheduled at the time a complete application is submitted. There is a fee for the pre-application meeting; the fee is subtracted from the formal application fee at the time of submittal.

What requires a commercial pre-application meeting?

  • New commercial buildings
  • New commercial additions
  • New accessory buildings
  • New commercial pools

Submittal requirements

You can check the property's zoning on the Maps and Geographical Information Systems page or by contacting the Planning Department at 509-720-5240.