Can I push the snow into the street?

No, depositing snow/ice in a manner which obstructs or creates an obstruction to traffic constitutes a misdemeanor.

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1. When will my street get plowed?
2. What streets are included in the primary routes?
3. What streets are included in residential routes?
4. My street isn’t on one of the maps above. Who plows my street?
5. Why doesn't the plow driver lift the blade so there isn't a berm left in my driveway?
6. Why does the City of Spokane Valley not use gates on plows?
7. How long do I have to clear the sidewalk?
8. Can I push the snow into the street?
9. How much snow/ice can accumulate before I receive a fine?
10. How frequently will I be fined if I don’t remove the snow?
11. How much is the fine?
12. Where does the money from the citation go?
13. What resources are available for those who physically cannot clear their sidewalks?
14. Are there still fines for those physically unable to clear sidewalks?