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Posted on: June 15, 2023

Homeless Action Plan under review

A woman shares a bag of groceries with a passing car.

While homelessness is a regional problem that requires collaboration with stakeholders beyond the city limits, the Spokane Valley Homeless Action Plan (SVHAP) is a systematic, long-term response that accounts for City Council’s explicit goal to prevent homelessness; preserves funding for sustainable strategies with actionable outcomes; and considers input from residents, the business community and local service providers.

The SVHAP is being reviewed by City Council, and is anticipated to be adopted this summer. The systematic, long-term response is based on preventing homelessness whenever possible, or if it cannot be prevented, ensure it’s a rare, brief and one-time experience. Mayor Pam Haley said City Council has made clear Spokane Valley’s vision should extend beyond chronic homelessness, and efforts and taxpayer funds should support Spokane Valley families, youth, and senior housing solutions. “It’s our fiscal responsibility to build a system – a process that moves people from unsheltered or unstable to sheltered – a framework we can sustainably fund. Focusing solely on chronic homelessness requires infinite funding, because it’s chronic. We will contract with service providers that provide a path out.” 

Councilmember Tim Hattenburg emphasized Spokane Valley’s attention to prevention and the unseen population experiencing homelessness is a result of community input. “We’ve engaged the public. Our plan is intentional, thoughtful and the product of countless discussions with our neighbors, business owners, educators and service providers over the past several months,” Hattenburg said. “We need to stabilize ‘the invisible ones’ with mental health, substance abuse, housing and services, from couch-surfing youth to our seniors. Our plan and funding is transparent and aligned with our community values.”

Visit the city's Homeless Services webpage.

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