Street Maintenance & Pavement Preservation

Crack Sealing, 2019This city division provides street repair and pavement management, as well as street sweeping, deicing and snowplowing.

The city-owned paved street network includes 450 centerline miles (more than 1,000 lane miles) that cover 1,904 acres of total pavement area. This surface area of paved asphalt and concrete covers nearly 8% of the Spokane Valley city limits.

Pavement Management Program

The Pavement Management Program is generally defined as maximizing available funding to extend the life of the city's street network by keeping "good" roads in "good" condition. Learn more about the condition of city streets and the Pavement Management Program.

On March 23, 2021, the City Council convened a group of stakeholders to serve on a Streets Sustainability Committee to help plan for the long-term sustainability of its paved street network.

The city will hold a public meeting on October 17, 2023 regarding the formation of a Transportation Benefit District (TBD).

Snow Removal & Deicing

During winter weather, the city keeps traffic moving by applying deicer and clearing roadways of snow and ice. Snow plowing and deicing are conducted on a prioritized basis. Learn more about snow removal.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping MapThe city sweeps public roadways for safety and to prevent stormwater pollution. Street sweeping keeps unwanted materials from flowing into storm drains and causing backups and flooding. It also keeps job sites clean and helps to minimize tire damage. To meet state and federal requirements at the lowest possible cost, the city has developed Sweeping Action Plans. These plans cover three distinct types of sweeping: Spring (PDF), Arterial Maintenance (PDF) and Fall (PDF) sweep events.

The city completes a full residential sweep in the spring and publishes a map to show its progress. View a Spring Street Sweeping Status Map (Green means completed; orange means in progress)

Street Repair / Maintenance Requests

If you want to request street repair and/or maintenance, complete a request online or call 509-720-5000 and we will create a request for you.