Leading Education Institutions

Spokane Valley is dedicated to investing in all stages of education. Its K-12 schools have been recognized as leaders in the state and across the nation. Students can earn college credits by taking elective advanced placement classes. Spokane Valley includes three school districts:

Combined, they serve over 20,000 students in more than 40 schools. East Valley School District has a 91.5% graduation rate and Central Valley School District has an extended graduation rate of 91.80, both consistently among the region's best. Additionally, 55% of East Valley School District students and 57% of Central Valley go on to college.

The Spokane region is also home to the 77-acre University District. Major universities include Washington State University, Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University and Whitworth University all have a presence in the University District. This unique district mixes neighborhood revitalization with innovation and entrepreneurship. It includes office, lab and maker spaces, as well as warehouse, residential and mixed-use developments. This creates a diverse and vibrant community. Learn more at

Additionally, the Spokane region is home to Community Colleges of Spokane, a community college district that includes Spokane Community College and Spokane Falls Community College.

Universities in the region include Gonzaga University, Whitworth University and Eastern Washington University. Gonzaga University is a private, liberal arts, four-year institution with an annual enrollment of over 7,000 students and continually ranked as one of the top small, private universities in the country.

Whitworth University is a private, 200-acre university that enrolls over 2,500 students annual and has a student-faculty ratio of 11:1. The university consistently ranks in the top 15 in U.S. News and World Report's ranking of the best private colleges and universities in the West.

Eastern Washington University, located just 17 miles from Spokane, is a regional comprehensive public university. It is the state's fastest growing public institution, yet still maintains a 21:1 student-faculty ratio.

Educational Attainment

40.23% of the population in Spokane Valley have an associate's degree or higher. 93.85% have a high school degree or higher.

  • Less than Grade 9: 1.82%
  • Grade 9 through 12: 4.33%
  • High School: 27.75%
  • Some College: 25.87%
  • Associate's Degree: 13.89%
  • Bachelor's Degree: 17.76%
  • Graduate Degree: 8.58%


Two colleges in the community and 11 within 50 miles offer an associate's degree or certificate.


One university in the community and five within 50 miles offer a bachelor's degree or higher.

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